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I offer top-notch custom Live2D commission services

Shira is here.

I specialize in custom Live2D rigging, animation, and modeling commissions for VTubers and Games, with over 3 years of expertise.

Get your premium custom Live2D model commission services now!

My Live2D Rigging Commission Services:

Live2D Animations for VTuber/ Face-tracking

  • Personalize and craft your unique avatar with a range of expressions and animations!
  • Perfectly compatible with VTube Studio and other face-tracking software.

Live2D Animations for Games/ App

  • Create captivating animations for your games, mobile apps, or visual novels!
  • Compatible with game engines that support the software's SDKs.

Custom Animations

  • Craft any animation you desire (one-off animations that play once).
  • Perfect for VTubers, games, and videos too!

Idle/ Looping Animations

  • Design a looping animation that plays continuously—ideal for VTubers, games, and videos!

I Will Create Custom Live2D for:

  • VTuber models/animations
  • Games/App (visual novel) models/animations
  • Idle/Loop animations
  • Custom animations
  • Videos/Wallpaper Engine/Emotes
  • Other


  • Consultation on Live2D
  • Cutting Illustration

**I do not handle character design and illustrations.

Reasons to Choose My Live2D Commission:

  • I have over 3 years of expert experience in Live2D rigging commissions.
  • I excel at the craft and love to create Live2D tutorials.
  • I am obsessed with the quality of animation and ensure it exceeds your expectations.
  • I excel in communication and maintain a high level of professionalism.
  • I offer value-added services that go beyond just completing commissions, including consultation and improving any aspects related to the commission.
  • I have a strong passion for animation, and I truly enjoy what I do!

Live2D Rigging Commission FAQs:


Reasons you should choose my Live2D commissions.

  • Communicative
  • Value-added
  • Narrative-focused
  • Passionate
  • Dedication
  • Transparent
  • Equality
  • Authentic
  • Quality

Read more about my core values.

You can contact me through:

  • Email
  • Discord (Discord ID: shiranui_bzw)
  • Twitter
  • Contact form
  • Other (if you can find me in other ways)

Yes, this is my commission waitlist. You will be added to the waitlist after the first payment is made.

Your booking is confirmed once the first payment is received.

It typically ranges from 2 to 4 weeks, depending on the specifications of the Live2D model.

You have three revisions for the same aspects/parts (e.g., hair physics, arm movements). Extra revision will cost more.

Pricing and Payment

A very fair and transparent pricing packages:

  • Essential: Starting from 170 USD
  • Standard: Starting from 450 USD
  • Premium: Starting from 640 USD
  • Custom: Pick your own!

Click here for detailed Live2D pricing information.

  • Wise (recommended)
  • Payoneer
  • Paypal
  • Other (Your suggestion)

Yes, feel free to reach out for more detailed discussions.

No, even though I don’t intend to profit from this, I still want to respect my time.

However, if the commission holds significant meaning or is particularly interesting, I’m open to either doing it for free or reducing my price.

It depends. A refund will only be issued if I initiate the refund process.


Anything that interests me! I am driven by passion, not profit! Let’s discuss for more details.

Anything that does NOT interest me! I can’t survive without interesting stuff! Let’s discuss for more details.

It depends. Let’s discuss it further.

Yes, please! Ideally in the form of images and videos as much as possible.

Yes, additional charges will be apply. Please discuss with me for further details.

No, the Live2D models/rigs/animations cannot be edited, modified, or updated by other modelers. This is to maintain quality control and avoid crediting complications. If there is a need, please discuss it with me first.

No. The Live2D source file is the working file of the model or animation. Since you typically do not need it for the model to work, so I won’t provide it randomly. Please discuss with me if there is a specific need for it.

Yes, thank you! Simply credit me on your social media profile (or elsewhere) and link it back to my website (or social).

Live2D Commissions Workflow:

Step 1

Creating Character Design/Illustration

• This part is handled by artists or illustrators.
• The artist designing/drawing the character and the Live2D Animator (that's me!) can be different individuals. In my case, I focus solely on animation.
• It's crucial for the artist and the Live2D animator to communicate before the artist starts working on the art piece.
• Make sure to fill in the commission form and go through the Live2D commission Terms of Service before diving in!

Step 2

Making Payment/Installement

• Have to settle the payment/installments upfront before the commission start.
• Check out my Live2D rigging commission pricing with very detailed breakdown!
• Be sure to check out my commission waitlist as well.

Step 3

Getting Your Files/Illustrations Ready (PSD Format) for Live2D Animations

• The Live2D Animator will ensure your illustrations are prepped and ready to animate.
• The illustration is neatly separated into parts and layers.
• Each parts and layers are cleaned and filled.
• If you've got an artist who can handle Live2D illustrations, that's a bonus and highly recommended!
• Don't forget to provide the Live2D animator with lots of references, preferable in images and videos.

Step 4

Starting Live2D Rigging/Animation/Modelling

• The Live2D animator is working to bring those characters/objects to life with some cool rigging and animations.
• It usually takes around 2-4 weeks, so be patient!
• Updates will be provided to you from time to time, so there's no need to worry.

Step 5

Revising Live2D Model/Animation

• The Live2D animator will tweak or fix up the model if revision is required.
• If everything is okay, the remaining payment will need to be settled now!

Step 6

Putting the Live2D Model into Action

• Finally, take your new Live2D model to action, you can use face-capturing engines like VTube Studio.
• Or use them in the game with game engines, like Unity.
• Or use it in videos. Anything you like!

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