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The Live2D Animator of Failure and Passion


Hey there! I'm Shira, short for (shiranui_bzw- 不知火[我]).

I'm the Live2D animator with over 3 years experience in Live2D rigging commissions. I invite you into my odyssey— a quest for purpose, triumph over challenges, and a story fueled by love and unbridled passion.​

I also enjoy creating Live2D rigging tutorials.

My Live2D Rigging Services:

My Mission and Vision:

With a genuine love for animations and anime, I find the inspiration to breathe life into static drawings.

To Everyone: My heartfelt goal is to create animations that intricately weave a compelling narrative through movement, infusing characters with a soul. Above all, my aspiration is to genuinely touch and inspire others, guiding them towards becoming their best selves, much like anime has done for me.

To Fellow Animators: I sincerely wish to share the knowledge I’ve acquired, contributing to the growth and collaboration within our industry. I’ve developed Live2D Rigging Tutorials with this specific purpose in mind.

My Values:


I want to understand you, your character, and the context to create animations that truly resonate. I ask lots of questions, even if they may seem irrelevant, all to ensure the highest animation quality.


I’ll enhance what you’ve instructed me to do. If I see an opportunity to add value to any animation, count on me to do it without hesitation.


I have a deep appreciation for animations with a strong narrative, a story that carries a powerful message. Those are the animations that move people and happen to be my favorites.


I pour my heart into what I love, and I’m more than willing to do it for the sheer joy it brings. Because of this, I’ll pay attention to every detail, even those that usually go unnoticed.


I obsess over details, constantly aiming for improvement even if the client is already satisfied. I welcome an increasing workload because my love for animation drives me to create the very best.


My motto is simple—genuine, honest, and transparent. No sugarcoating; I’ll speak my mind. If something’s not up to par, I’ll say it, and if it’s great, I’ll praise it. Excuse me if I don’t always put on my filter.


Building lasting relationships, even beyond the project, is what I aim for. I want us to be equal collaborators, working together to create something awesome. I prefer having friends rather than just clients.


Staying true to myself, being honest, and cultivating genuine experiences and connections is what I’m all about. I hope you can do the same.


Quality always takes precedence over quantity. I reject mass production and templates. Each animation I create is meticulously crafted with care and attention.

Origin of My name:

It’s a long story, let’s dive into the story behind the name shiranui_bzw – 不知火[我].

A vague existence

So, Shiranui is this fascinating blend of Japanese and Chinese. In Japanese kanji不知火(read as shi-ra-nui)—where 不知 means unknown and 火 means fire or flame. Literally, it translates to unknown fire, a mystical flame that appears out of the blue, usually by the riverside. People try to approach it, but it will move away. There are scientific theories that explain shiranui, but no concrete proof. It’s mysterious, flickering, and, most importantly, it symbolizes the void of identity and vague existence.
Ever heard of the painting “Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going? (D’où venons-nous ? Que sommes-nous ? Où allons-nous ?)” by Paul Gauguin? It covers the whole journey of life—beginning, adulthood, elderly life—the whole shebang.

Now, onto the big questions. Who am I? What am I? What will I be? It’s like chasing after the identity of a shiranui—am I just a myth?

The pursuit of meaning

“I think, therefore I am,” said Descartes. We can’t doubt our existence while we doubt. I doubt, therefore I think, therefore I am, therefore I exist. Here’s the kicker: I’m questioning myself, thinking, and that alone is proof that I exist. But now what? Still no idea why I’m here and where to go.

Existence precedes essence. To existentialists, we—through our consciousness—create our own values and meaning because we don’t come with an inherent identity or value. We have to make it ourselves. It’s all about making our existence more significant through conscious acts, even if everything seems meaningless.

The pursuit of meaning is meaningful

“A man is but a thinking reed.”—Pascal. It’s like saying we’re wretched and fragile, but guess what? In our awareness of our own weakness, there lies superiority—our unique weapon against our nature. That’s–we think, and we keep on pondering, thinking, and deliberating. That’s the ingenious card humanity plays, and it can’t be taken away.

Now, the name shiranui—it’s all about the lack of identity and the haziness of existence. But, hey, it’s also about the constant pursuit of meaning. There’s this kind of happiness called eudaimonic well-being, where you’re content because you’re on a journey of self-discovery and purpose. Living a self-actualized and meaningful life? That’s the happiness we’re talking about.

Some cultural references

Then there’s this character I dig—Shiranui Hansode from Medaka Box. Mischief-maker, a flickering presence, the puppeteer in the shadows, and, most importantly, zero identity. That resonates with why I picked this name. Also, the major driver for my motivation and passion, the diehard Shirase from Sora Yori mo Tooi Basho (A Place Further than the Universe). Lastly, a nod to Shiranui Mai from Fatal Fury/The King of Fighters franchise. 

Embracing the unknown can propel you on the journey of discovery

And now, let’s talk about the Chinese twist. 不知火 (shiranui) has the same characters in Chinese, but a different pronunciation—bu-zhi-huo. 火 (huo) sounds like 我 (wo) in Chinese. Cue wordplay! So, 不知火 (bu-zhi-huo) becomes 不知我 (bu-zhi-wo) when the 火 (huo) is replaced by 我 (wo). Then abbreviate bu-zhi-wo to b-z-w! That’s the birth of the “bzw” in my name.

Combine shiranui and bzw, and there you have it—shiranui_bzw!

The thing is, what does 不知我 (bzw) mean? A literal translation would be “not knowing (不知) myself (我).” It circles back to the overarching theme of not knowing, the quest for identity, in the pursuit of meaning and self, always contemplating it. It’s never a negative notion; it’s a lifelong journey of self-discovery and the creation of meaning and existence.

When I see the name shiranui_bzw – 不知火, it always serves as a reminder that the act of thinking, thriving, and toiling is in itself sufficient for a meaningful existence. Eventually, it’s like a commandment, compelling people to lead a happy life!

Shira the Song of God

Last but not least, I love it when people call me Shira. Initially, it was just a result of mishearing my name, but I grew fond of it. I genuinely love the sound—it’s not too long, can sound like a Chinese word, and is unique, unlike Shiranui.

And to add a bit of a spiritual twist, Shira also means “The song of God” in Hebrew. It brings this beautiful connection to divine melodies and expressions. It’s like having a name that not only reflects personal identity but also carries a hint of something sacred and harmonious. So, in a way, my name embodies this harmony, a bit of spirituality, and a lyrical connection to the divine.

I know nothing, but that’s fine

Most importantly, “Shira” can also mean not knowing. “All I know is that I know nothing.”—Socrates. The Oracle of Delphi, where the oracle proclaimed something to the effect of “Socrates is the wisest person in Athens.” Socrates, trusting the oracle but also entirely convinced that he knew nothing, supposedly concluded that nobody knew anything. He believed he was wiser than others because he was the only person who recognized his own ignorance.

Being reminded of my ignorance is beneficial; I cherish it, I embrace it. It keeps me humble; I can’t assume, I can’t judge. It allows me to maintain objectivity and approach life with more curiosity and fun.

My Journey as Live2D Animator:


The Dark Hour

Anime isn't just a pastime for me; it's my anchor through life's darkest moments. It's the force that propels me forward, urging me not to surrender when times get tough. It's a well of inspiration, encouraging me to evolve and strive towards a better version of myself. I can confidently say that without anime, I might not even be here today.


The Aspiration

Animation, particularly, always felt like an unattainable realm, something I'd only admire from a distance. I never considered myself skilled in drawing, lacked any formal art education, and had no chance to delve into the world of animation.


The Beginning

But then came the day when I realized I didn't need to have exceptional drawing skills to bring characters to life — that's when I discovered Live2D animation. This unique animation style opened doors for me, proving that you don't have to be a master illustrator to create captivating animations. Fueled by pure passion, I embarked on the journey of learning Live2D animation. Dreams transformed from mere fantasies into tangible realities.


The Setbacks

Little did I know that this pursuit would lead me to undertake commissions for Live2D animation. I am immensely thankful for the trust bestowed upon me by those who have chosen my services; for that, I am truly grateful. It's been over three years now. However, it's important to note that this path is not always filled with sunshine and rainbows; it's marked by numerous setbacks, challenges, and moments where giving up seemed inevitable.


The Question

I began to doubt myself and questioned everything. I should just give up. Overwhelmed, I entered a period of hiatus. During this time of reflection, I delved deep into my thoughts. Ultimately, I chose to rise again, confronting this challenge head-on. Throughout this journey, I've encountered considerable pain and suffering, and yet, here I am, prepared to embrace the challenges once more. The lingering question remains: Why do I persist in this endeavor?


The Love

Because I love animation. It's not merely a skill or a job; it's a profound passion that keeps me going, regardless of the obstacles in my path. I am returning, stronger and more resilient than ever.

ShiraLive2D Favicon/Logo - Arihs

Who is Arihs?

Meet Arihs—the girl featured in my icon, logo, and social profiles. She's my original character, not just an avatar but a symbol of my aspirations. She embodies the journey of self-improvement and overcoming weaknesses. And, fun fact, Arihs is simply the inverse of my nickname Shira!

If you resonate with my values, let's collaborate and bring your vision to life.

Explore more of my Live2D creations if you're still deciding!

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