Free Live2D Sample Models Download:

Lisette (from Pocket Mirror) - Full-body full-featured Live2D sample model

With over 28,000++ downloads, 300++ favorites and 5 stars rating!

Komi (from Komi Can't Communicate) - Cute/Chibi Live2D sample model

With over 24,000++ downloads, 270++ favorites and 5 stars rating!

Instruction to Use the Free Live2D Sample Models:

Step 1. Download the Live2D free models from the following links:

You will be redirected to VTube Studio Steam Workshop page or Google Drive.

To download the file, click the “Subscribe” button on the Steam Workshop page.

Step 2. Once the files are downloaded:

i. For Live2D models with source files (.cmo3, .can3, and .psd files):

You can study the sample models with Live2D Cubism Editor. Or export it as working models in .moc3, texture, and related .json files. 

ii. For Live2D models with working files (.moc3, texture, and related .json files):

You can test and use the model directly with VTube Studio or any other face-tracking engines of your choice.

Step 3. Additionally, you may try using it in game engines such as Ren’Py, or create videos using it, anything you like (within fair use)!

Other Free Live2D Sample Models:

If you love the Live2D sample models provided and wish to own one, feel free to commission me!

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